Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mille Crepe

 Had a cake making session with Emily on the first day of 2011. Its been a hectic week for me due to all the classes and work and hence, the lack of updates.

Here am i presenting something i'm quite happy about - my very first Mille Crepe. It wasn't perfect but i'm happy enough. I personally think that i suck at baking, especially cakes. But this is a no bake cake anyway XD 

I'm quite happy with the outcome and it tasted good. But there are some part where i need to improve. 
Thinner and perfectly round crepe, improve appearance, texture of cream and more layers.

Recipe can be found here. I used only half of the ingredients and i got an 7inches Mille Crepe with 11layers. I'm gonna make another one with full ingredients if i have the chance! =)

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